Essay On Blonde Stereotypes

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There are many stereotypes based on hair color blonde, red, and brunette. According to (, A stereotype is to characterize or categorize. Let's start with blondes, blondes are established as the unintelligent or the ones who like to have fun all the time of the hair stereotypes. Blondes stereotypically have a shortfall of intelligence, their picky, outgoing, crazy, and like to party. It also says that woman with blonde hair gets better tables at restaurants, flirtatious, gentle, gullible. The next hair color with a stereotype is the brunettes. Brunettes are acknowledged as the trustful and confident ones, who other people adore. Brunettes are known to be honorable, faithful, have a fair tempered, clever, talented, confident, stable, and have less of an imagination.…show more content…
The fierce, fiery, and scary one of the hair stereotypes are the redheads. Stereotypes say that redheads are hot-tempered, sensitive to pain, self-motivated, opinionated, alluring, impatient, strong, loving, sincere, and hyper. Redheads have a bad reputation, rude, but they are also known for being unique, interesting, and fiery. Being alone and mysterious is one of the few types of stereotypes for people with dark hair. Dark hair is known for reserved, calm, self-interested, sad, mysterious, creative, shadowy, and untrustworthy. Stereotypes say that dark-haired people are achievers, exotic, cold, and ruthless. These were the hair color stereotypes of redheads, brunettes, dark hair, and blondes but have you ever wondered what researchers have found about hair color affecting the intelligence of one
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