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2.4.5 Tide
Along with the waves, tides are other major types of phenomena that control the interactions between sea and coast. The tides are best known as the rise and fall of the sea around the edges of the land. The rise and fall of the tides may result in small scale and short term topographical changes on the beach. Hill (2004) found that small-scale beach erosion occurs when the tide rises while accretion occurs when it falls. In some coastal areas there is a regular pattern of one high tide and one low tide each day; this is a diurnal tide. In other areas there is a cyclic high water – low water sequence that is repeated twice in one day; this is a semidiurnal tide (Duxbury et al., 2002). However, a mixed tide happened when the high tides regularly reach different heights and the low tides drop regularly to different level.
In the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, the tides are characterized by two types; diurnal and semidiurnal (Mohd-Lokman et al., 1995). The diurnal component, giving one high, and one low level a day, is dominant during the normal day. The semidiurnal component becomes more important during the equinoxes, resulting in two high and two low water levels a day. The successive high and low water levels, however, are unequal in height and times (Rosnan, 2003).
Several previous studies focused on the tidal effects on
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Coastal current generally flow parallel to the coastline (Mohd-Nasir and Meged, 1996). The current flows to southward during the northeast and to northward during the southwest monsoons respectively (Mohd-Nasir and Camerlengo, 1997). Generally, during the Southwest Monsoon (Figure 2.8a), water moves in a clockwise circulation over the sea. On the east coast of Pahang, water moves towards the north and then deflect to the right on the northern part of the

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