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Divakaruni’s job as a Professor of Creative Writing at University of Houston vouches her ability as an acclaimed writer. Although she has been residing in America since 1976, she generously imbibes various Indian culture, traditions and beliefs in her stories perhaps due to her own close involvement with Indian culture when she lived in India till she was 20 years old. She also portrays life in America and the difficulties faced by immigrants due to differences in culture and beliefs of east and west. Living in a foreign country makes one yearn for one’s own homeland as Bharati Mukherjee winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award in 1988 pointed, “Even in Manhattan we’d smile at another Indian if they walked by us,” she further added,…show more content…
In almost all her novels we see discord comes into existence when protagonists try to co-exist with the traditional and modern values to create an identity of their own. The affliction and anguish that come with the ordeals of following the traditional values and to combine these values with the modern values of the present time make them strong female characters. She has not out-rightly rejected either the traditional or modern value system but has focused in harmonizing these two different trends. Though she is living in modern times and settled in America, there is a feeling of belongingness and rootedness to India and her interest in women make her feel that women should be free from the patriarchal…show more content…
She knows that a change in the role of a woman is possible only through education. And the inflexibility of age old customs that are not so friendly towards women folk can be moulded only with the help of education. There are other issues like marriage and with it come motherhood and relation with in-laws and the change of identity of woman. Then there are conflicts based on class, caste, marginalization and traditional values of older generation. San Diego Union Tribune claims Sister of My Heart as “Magically affecting ... her intricate tapestry of old and new worlds shines with a rare luminosity.” She has presented women in variety of avatars; women as wife, lover, mother, sister, daughter and finally as a human being with her own mind and identity who aspire to adept themselves with modernity along with the connection with their roots. Divakaruni portrays her protagonists as a modern day woman struggling with the complexities of social, political and cultural changes due to globalization and postcolonial consciousness. She may present the expression of protagonists in different ways in different novels but her ultimate goal is to create a peaceful and progressive life that is favourable for women community as a whole. Even the psychological feminist aspect of inner conflict is dealt with accuracy in most of her novels. Sunday Times writes, “Divakaruni strikes a delicate balance between realism and

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