Divakaruni Short Story Summary

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EncounteringDomesticSpace: Marriage,Motherhoodand Identity in ChitraBanerjee Divakaruni 's Short Stories Both the first and second chapters work as the base for the thesis which revolves around theconcepts of "Cross Cultural Appeal" and "Immigrant Woman Experiences". This chapter is focussed on the short stories of Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and her portrayal of women characters, concepts, and effects of marraige, motherhood and Identity of selfesteem. Exploringthe 'woman 'squestions 'hasbeenof importancelatelyin diasporic narrativesand ChitraBanerjeeDivakaruni 's Arranged Marriage (1995) can perhapsbe seen as a manifestation of the concern over the issue of women 's freedomand coming to terms with 'her-self.As the
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AdrienneRichinherbook"Of WomenBorn:MotherhoodasExperienceand Institution" (1976) has shown how the notion of motherhoodis seen more as an institution, andlessas an experience.The patriarchysees motherhoodas an obligation,a dutyon part of the woman, failing which she ceases to be an ideal one. She says -
Motherhoodis a dangerousto womenbecauseit continuesthestructurewithin which females must be womenand mothersand, conversely, becauseit denies to females the creationof a subjectivityand worldthat is open and free. Anactive rejectionof motherhoodentailsthe developmentand enactmentof a philosophy of evacuation.Identificationand analysesof the multipleaspectsof motherhood not onlyshowwhatis wrongwith
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Akin to this need is also the desire to live the American dream. This longingfor financialstability and the yearning to enjoy the moneyed status signals the beginningof an end to 'otherness '. Time after time the immigrant experiencehighlightsthe wish to break free the patriarchalfretters and embracethesocalledwesternconceptsofliberty,democracyandfreedom. (Rathor, 151) Buttherealityaroundhershattersherdreamworld.TheapartmentofherAunt disappointsher:"Thisapartmentsmellsofstalecurry.Itiscrowdedwithfaded, overstuffed sofas and rickety end tables that look like they 've come from a larger place. A wadded newspaperis wedged under one of the legs of the dining table" (40). Her dreams
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