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Severan Dynasty Research Paper The Severan Dynasty was a short era of the Roman Empire. This particular era ruled the Roman Empire between 193 and 235 AD. It was founded by Roman general Septimius Severus. Severus restored peace, however it did not last long due to the collapse of weak family relationships and political disturbances. The Severan Dynasty was ruled by a total of five emperors, hence the nickname Year of the Five Emperors. The emperors who ruled includes Septimius Severus, Caracalla, Macrinus, Elagabalus, and Alexander Severus. Prior to Septimius’ death, he passed the honor of co-emperor to his two sons. However, his first son, Caracalla, killed Geta. Geta was Severus Septimus’ youngest son. Caracalla committed this murder out of selfishness and the desire to rule alone. Although greedy, Caracalla was an artistic…show more content…
This replacement was planned by his grandmother, Julia Maesa. Severus Alexander was the last emperor to rule the Severan Dynasty. Alexander improved the overall condition of the citizens, which led to his popularity. Unfortunately under the Reign of Alexander, harmony was challenged with threats from Germanic Tribes and the growth of the Sassanid Empire. Unluckily, the Germanic Tribes refused to negotiate. This led to confusion and uproar, resulting in the assassination of Severus Alexander. The Severan Dynasty was overall a fairly helpless empire, due to its large number of rulers. Women were particularly active during this era, as they encouraged their male relatives. Each emperor ruling during this period contributed in a unique way, although each of them were killed at a fairly young age. Septimius Severus, Caracalla, Macrinus, Elagabalus, and Alexander Severus all attempted to rule the Severan Dynasty. Unfortunately each of them failed in one way or another. The Severan Dynasty is remembered for having been ruled by five different emperors in a short period of
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