Conflict And Negotiation Process

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I would like to say the plot of the article was all about the conflict and negotiation process in the organizations. There are some major and minor points. I will explain one by one. First I will explain the major part of the articles and then the minor parts. • This article talk about the various sequence of the events. • It deals with the outcome of the process. • It talk about the third party interventions. • It deals with the conflict- negotiation behaviors. • It also talks about the goals of the conflict behavior. • Over all divergence in conflict management. On the other hand now I will explain the other important part of this article plot. First of all it talk about the conflict and its management and role. Conflict is the basic…show more content…
It deals with the people’s expectations towards our behavior and vice-versa. If I took my story example so when I worked with my manager I saw his behavior was not good. I can’t tolerate him. I expect that he should be well manner and give good response and behave properly. Similarly, he expects the same thing from me and I gave the proper response to him and behave properly but because of his nature and attitude it leads to the conflict between us. Judgement conflict: This conflicts involve the differences over empirical or factual issues. This conflicts also called cognitive conflicts. It is all about the true and faith. Most of the people get confuse about the true and false in the empirical sense. Moreover, I saw this conflict also leads to controversy. Truth is one of the important part of the conflicts. Some people still believe in lie and always speak lies with the boss and managers to save from any punishment. Even though it the lie caught by the managers which leads to the conflicts. If I talk about my story sometime my manager also not say any true to me about the target and…show more content…
Integrative perception is related to the interest based perception of our life. Generally, our perception depends upon our behavior, attitude, knowledge, experience, thoughts, habits, nature, mood and feelings. Most of the time if we see for any problem sometimes it becomes very difficult to find the right solution. But people may confused and they are not aware of this and they frustrated and annoyed. But some people easily solve that problem because it completely depends upon our perception. Our perception make us strong and confident for any critical situations. If I link the role of integrative perception with my story so I though most of the time I faced so many problems in my work. I face the problem of how to deal with my customers, how could I deal with my managers, how could I found right address because I was in marketing field and it was field job so our duty to travel one city to other. I faced various problems regarding data preparation, presentation, exams and many more. Similarly, my college has the same problem but they were upset and depressed. But my perception of his problems was completely different. I always focused on the positive sites. My perception was strong and correct towards the problem. I was relaxed and

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