Divergent Chapter 1-14 Study Guide

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Chapter 1-15 Four is a Divergent which is a variation of every skill He is Dauntless, Amity,Erudite, and Candor. The people of the the world fear the Divergent they think they are a threat to the society. The people who scan and put the kids through the simulation to figure out what faction you belong to are unpermitted to give up the information even if they are Divergent. Tobias Eaton was Four's real name and he was Divergent and he knew it for a while and so did his father and also his mother. His father showed him how to keep calm and pass the test without being tagged as Divergent but he failed and he belonged to Divergent he could have chosen any of the four factions he qualified for but he chose Dauntless but he was brave and that's what he was good at being brave of course. No matter how scared he was he took the fear and chose to embrace it. …show more content…

He was one of the most brave people that ever qualified for Dauntless. If there was war then the Dauntless would fight they were like the army of the world but they were in the largest city of New York anything outside of the wall that was set around the city was dangerous grounds no one knew what was out there they all thought it was just abandoned land but others thought that there was civilization. And maybe they were right but maybe they were just insane. Then there came a young woman named Beatrice but she went by Tris she was Divergent and she chose Dauntless just like Four she was more frightened by what she was then Four

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