Divergent Movie And Movie Analysis

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The Divergent movie and book can be compared and contrasted in many ways as the book has more specific details and the movie is just a shorter summary. Things such as characters, settings, events and time can be compared in order to reach an excellent analysis of the differences and relations between both. This differences between the movie and the book will help the reader and viewer understand the purpose and point of view the author wanted to bring to the audience. Many of the differences each have lead to many controversies and critics over which of them, the book or film delivers the message better. A compare and contrast will help people and critics to understand this differences and with their own point of view, decide which one they prefer and why. Starting to talk about the book, it has many things that can be compared and contrasted with the film. An example is that the book brings the Character Four, a dauntless leader, with only 18 years of age, while in the film present Four as a dauntless leader, but aged 24. Another is that Tris in the book is shot in her right arm while in the film, she was shot in her left arm. Characters such as Drew, Myra and Uriah are mentioned in the book, but never appear during the film. Differences like this lead a lot of people to compare this types of things and do critics about both the film and the movie. Other examples of differences between the book and the film are that Caleb was mentioned to wear glasses while in Erudite,

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