Divergent: Differences Between Book And Movie

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What is the difference between the film and the novel Divergent? Most of the noticeable differences are the setting, characters, and sequence of events. Other differences include characters descriptions, their internal conflicts and how they interact with other characters. When you go to a movie that was based on a novel, you could notice the differences and similarities between them. In the movie some of the parts from the book were cut out because of timing or the director realized that some scenes would be too disturbing for their targeted viewers. Some character descriptions in the movie differ from the book; for example, in the novel Peter cheats and uses violence at his advantage to get to the highest ranks. He then stabs another transfer in the eye to keep his place in the ranks. In the film he has a humorous tone making him seem like he is not the villain in the story. Another character who has a different description than the movie is Eric. He is described as a…show more content…
We hardly get to see them interact much throughout the beginning. The setting is easily compared to the novel because everything is as described. A comparison could be how the train goes around the city and how the Hancock Building stands out. During the movie, viewers could notice that there are fewer fights in the Pit than in the novel. In addition we only see Tris fights two times and gets knocked out the second fight. At the end of the scene of capture the flag, Tris holds up the flag in the film, but in the novel it was Christina who gets the flag. Another contrasting scene was when Al betrays Tris by attempting to kill her so he won’t be last in the rankings. By that moment in the movie Al and Peter shows an intention to rape Tris before killing her, contrary to the novel that they just only want to kill her. One similarity was when in both, the novel and movie, Al felt guilty and apologized to
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