Divergent Scene Analysis

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The scene that provides a lot of information in Divergent is when Four and Tris try an experiment together. They try to figure out how to fix the experiment so no one finds out that they are divergent. This scene starts with a desaturated color to show a different universe that Tris and Four experience during their test experiment. The movie is in saturated color with the exception of when these experiments are done to the people. There is a transitions of low key lighting and 3-point lighting throughout the shots. Before this scene starts there is a close-up of Tris that has a dissolving transition to show the effect of the vision stimulator. The tempo of this scene is slow paced and this is intended to create tension between what actions Four and Tris will take during the experiment. The shots tend to change quickly and we do…show more content…
This scene has so many different decorated effects like the canted angle and the trombone shot we feel scared and it doesn't seem ordinary to see those effects. Also the lighting here is desaturated unlike the rest of the movie which is mainly saturated, we feel this other world that they are in and how cold and scary it is. All the shots in this scene help us understand Four’s fears: heights, claustrophobia, shooting innocent people and his abusive father. His name is four to represent the four fears his has and how he typically can not get through them during the experiment. In this scene he learns how to get through them with the guidance of Tris. Tris also is shown how to react to each scenario so no one finds out she is divergent. Later in the movie we are shown that they can determine who is divergent based of the test and a few other test. With this scene and shots we are given hope that Tris and Four will get through it since they have each other's voice as
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