Diverse Workplace Ethics

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ACME Global Code of Ethic and Conduct 1. Human Rights We believe that humans, regardless of where they are in the world, were born with certain rights. These rights are included, but not limited to, the below outlined rules of Ethics and Conduct. Violations of these rights may include termination and prosecution in accordance with the national law of where our site is located. 2. Diverse Workplace We at ACME are an equal opportunities employer. We strive to build a diverse workforce work environment in which all are treated fairly and equally regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, class, color, age, sexual identity, gender preferences, disabilities, religion, marital status or political opinion. While we are an equal opportunity…show more content…
6. Workplace Violence – Zero Tolerance Because of our intense and high pace environment, it is not difficult to lose our tempers and conduct ourselves from our emotions instead of our logic. We are each responsible to keep our temperaments under control. We need to be aware that Workplace Violence come in many forms. We also need to be cognizant that Workplace Violence is often a matter of not only intention but reception. In other words, if our conduct is being interpreted as violent, it is our, not the other individual’s, responsibility to change. Furthermore, Workplace Violence is interpretive: if another feels threatened by us, perhaps not face-to-face, but on the sideline, that too constitutes Workplace Violence. Forms of Violence include, but are not limited to: a. Physical Violence: at no time shall employees engage in a physically violent or matter with one another. So do not guffaw in such a…show more content…
What this means is that they must be disposed of in a certain matter. Primarily this means do not ever pour any of our liquids down public drains. Supervisors are responsible to dispose of these liquids in the proper manner. Violators of this rule may include disciplinary action up to and including termination and prosecution in accordance with the national law of where our site is located. 9. Speaking Up – “Whistle Blower” hotline – 1 (800) WHO CARES If you witness any infractions of these rules or have any questions surrounding this list of rules and guidelines, do not hesitate to call the above phone number. You can be assured of confidentiality and should have no concerns of adverse reaction due to you alerting us there may be violations. ACME Global Code of Ethic and Conduct SUMMARY IN summary: ACME’s goal is to create and maintain international environments that are safe, healthy and conducive to working freely and quickly. We expect all of us to work together to provide, instill, install and maintain the above Code of Conduct and Ethics. We value you as an employee and hope that you will value each other and us mutually and will conduct yourself accordingly. Thank you. Me,
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