Diversity And Discrimination

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Task Ai Diversity Explanation: recognizing that every person is different in many different ways; Example: from physical traits such as: the colour of the hair, eyes to psychological characteristics, personality and character, also medical history, family background and culture, different beliefs and values. Equality It means that regardless of gender, religion, colour, social preference or beliefs we should treat people equally with dignity and respect. Example: when everyone has the same rights, same opportunities to learn, to become member of a specific group, to have access to the same jobs; Inclusion Explanation: the right of every individual to not be excluded on the basis of race, gender, disability, medical or any other need.…show more content…
1. Depends if it 's the carer or service user who discriminates. If it 's the carer then as an employee I 'd raise the issue with my supervisor /line manager without waiting for a supervision meeting. This will promote the change because the line manager can then fully investigate the matter and will monitor and review the operation of the Equal Opportunities policy and will implement any changes required by law or to improve its effectiveness. 2. However if I am on good terms with the employee I could speak on friendly terms asking if they knew they were discriminating and give them a chance to see the problem/ situation from a different point of view. This can promote change if the individual realises that he was discriminative towards certain people. I will probably ask him/ her to use reflective thinking to find out if he/ she is prejudiced in the way that he/she is thinking. I would also try to find out if there is any possibility that he or she has strong believes and values that make him / her act and think in a certain…show more content…
An important aspect of this is to enable our service users to participate in everyday things without assuming that they aren’t able to do them. For example we have to let them choose what they would like to wear or where they would like to spend their afternoon, what activities they want to be involved in or even what to cook for dinner, what friends they should invite or what type of course in college to choose, etc. An inclusion practice makes sure that our service users are fully included in their community, where their need to socialise or behave according to their beliefs (e.g. going every Saturday to the synagogue, observing Shabbat) are completely understood and not being judged or considered unnecessary because it doesn’t match with our own beliefs. Therefore inclusive practice means to include people from all backgrounds, races and ethnicities, ages, etc. As everyone is included, everyone is on the same level, with no judgement passed on age, sex, race or sexual orientation promoting therefore inclusion and
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