Equality: The Importance Of Diversity In Education

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Diversity is a variety of ways in which people differ and the various means in which people live their lives as individuals, in addition to living amongst a wider community (Mhathúna & Taylor, 2012). Equality is about treating people in a manner whereby the outcome for each person can be similar. Equality is closely linked to diversity, by recognising, accepting and respecting it. Inclusion provides support to all children so that their experience in an educational setting encourages them to be as involved and independent as possible (Mhathúna & Taylor, 2012). Both parents and providers can support inclusion by being enthusiastic in their practices and ensuring that barriers to full participation are checked.

A culturally inclusive classroom
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It states the important issues which need to be addressed in every sector of our society particularly in Ireland at this time as we experience incoming migration from different countries across the world. Ireland is suddenly being faced with significant levels of identifiable cultural and ethnic diversity. It is essential that we adapt to these changes and accept advice so that our positive responses can lead us to having a better understanding of the steps we should take and the practices where change may be needed. When speaking of diversity it is usually not the differences that cause problems, rather how people respond to these differences. This is where these guidelines contribute to helping people develop appropriate responses to diversity. Issues surrounding diversity and equality go hand in hand with discrimination in all its forms. Everyone is affected by this issue, but for practitioners in childcare, it is especially important to have a definite understanding of its impact on the lives of children and even there parents. Research reveals that children can be influenced by societal attitudes and behaviours at as young as 3 years old. These children may display signs of prejudice or negative attitudes towards diversity. From a child’s early years their interaction with the wider world needs to help them develop the understanding, the skills and outlook necessary to ensure that Irish society becomes genuinely inclusive. An Early childhood setting must become a place where difference is valued and diverse groups can interact with one another supporting “equality, human rights, mutual respect and understanding”(OMCYA, 2006). In order to learn how to embrace diversity effectively, practitioners must reflect on the ways that they view difference in their own thinking and how this can influence on their childcare
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