Diversity And Diversity In Malaysia

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According to the dictionary harmony means compatibility , suitability and gels . While diversity is description of the various types . Besides , nurture and cherish mean to cultivate and to encourage .Here , harmony in diversity can bring the meanings from various aspects such as harmony in diversity of goose , religions , customs , traditions , food , employment and so much more . This is because Malaysia is a country that has a vibrant multiracial that live together . Do you wonder why all these diversity needs to be nurtured in the soul of every society ?It is to ensure that our country can build a harmonious society in line with the advancement of a united and mutually need each other thereby making the country the world with grand in the eyes of the world with harmony achieved . There are any types of diversity that can be found and practiced by everyone in the world such as diversity in thinking styles , languages , ethnicity , religions and perspectives , job level , gender , race , culture , physical abilities and so much more . Let me explain you about some diversity in ethnic in Malaysia , our beloved country . Upon our independence, Malaysia was a multicultural nation with several major cultural groups: the Malays, which has become synonymous with Bumiputera, the Indians, largely Hindu Tamils, the Chinese, who practised Buddhism and Taoism, and the indigenous orang asal.Even back then, we were a very complex society in many aspects – linguistically, culturally,

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