The Importance Of Diversity In The United States

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This course looks at the significance of diversity in management and the implications of diversity for how organizations are organized and how they function. The changing demographics of the workplace are examined and the significance of diversity for domestic and international business are discussed. Organizational approaches to diversity are examined and analyzed. The course attempts to engage differences within the class and help students develop leadership skills for managing diversity, including consensus building, conflict resolution and talking through differences.

INTRODUCTION The United States has become a place where different cultures have immigrated to build their lives. For the last several decades the country has become more
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The United States is one of major places that diversity is booming. There are many families of different cultures that migrate to the United States for various reasons and one of the main reasons is for the employment opportunities available. People often think of diversity in terms of race, however diversity is much more than the color of a person’s skin. Diversity is about the person’s culture, their belief system, their religion, and many aspects of their background and more than a dab of color (Vohra, Chari, Mathur, Sudarshan, Verma, Mathur, & Gandhi, 2015). Because of the diverse nature of this country, there are many people with different backgrounds and cultures working together. The good thing about workplace diversity is that people are able to work and learn about each other and observe how different cultures do things differently. The company that I work for prides itself on hiring individuals from various cultures and backgrounds. That is one of the ways in which they attract various employees is because that is part of their value statement. I am sure job seekers that research the company read that and get excited because that type of employer is very rare nowadays. A lot of employers may shy away from outright stating that their preference is a workforce that is diverse, because they may feel their investors are not open to that idea for one…show more content…
When an organization wants to be successful they will embrace diversity because they understand having a diverse workforce is an asset and not a threat and will only improve the organizational structure and performance which in turn increases the company’s bottom line (Nederveen Pieterse, Van Knippenberg, & Van Dierendonck, 2013). The reason for this success is because everyone from different backgrounds can bring a lot of different experiences and talents from all walks of life which can help the organization thrive in ways they would not have without the varying inputs from the different backgrounds. In other words, some employees only know things from their own background and have limited insight on certain topics, whereas employees that have knowledge from a different perspective provides more opportunities for the organization to be more competitive. It is not to say that employees that employees with similar backgrounds and cultures do not have much to offer, but when working with other individuals that have much different experiences and insights it can take a company much further than similar backgrounds working together. The reason for this is due to the different options available to the organization because each individual will bring something unique and have the potential of thinking differently about the
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