Diversity And Diversity In Management

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This course looks at the significance of diversity in management and the implications of diversity for how organizations are organized and how they function. The changing demographics of the workplace are examined and the significance of diversity for domestic and international business are discussed. Organizational approaches to diversity are examined and analyzed. The course attempts to engage differences within the class and help students develop leadership skills for managing diversity, including consensus building, conflict resolution and talking through differences. INTRODUCTION The United States has become a place where different cultures have immigrated to build their lives. For the last several decades the country has become more diverse and includes a variety of races, languages traditions, foods, and many other factors that make it a great place for many to call home. When I go out of the house I see many different cultures that have put down roots in my neighborhood and are building families. It is a great learning experience for them as well as people like myself that were born and raised in this country. Due to the ongoing immigration of various cultures, it is no wonder that the workforce has also become much more diverse in the last several decades. We now work side so many different cultures which can be quite interesting as we observe how our coworkers may conduct their duties differently and sometimes much better than us while also learning how we

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