Diversity In America Analysis

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Have you ever imagined a great America again? One where our diversity made us the greatest country as it once was. Our actions and attitude can make America the great country it one was, so that all of our diversity that makes up our country is accepted. Our country was based on “the melting pot.” Also our country was compared as “the heirs of all time.” Another was that our country 's tolerance was compared to the vanilla pudding word. Finally, “America is an improbable idea. Our country was once based on the “melting pot” at one point. The idea that all of the diversity and cultures would be blended together to make a whole as it says on page 27 in the story “ The Immigrant Contribution.” Our “ melting pot” has failed. America is no longer a country where we come together as one. We judge other cultures because they are not the same as ours. We judge because they practice different traditions and religions. Our “melting pot” is not working anymore and this means that we might not bond or became one nationality because our “melting pot” has failed. As Americans this is when we need to stand up. We need to change our actions and attitude so that the diversity and differences in America are accepted again.…show more content…
We are falling apart. As it says on page 28 “ We are the heirs of all time,” wrote Herman Melville, “ and with all nations, we divide our inheritance.” At the present time we have an election approaching. We have two sides with the Democrats and the Republicans. Two very opinionated sides that don 't get along with each other. It seems like nobody get 's along with each other anymore. We need to present the attitude of a great nation. We need to take responsibility in our actions to show the rest of the world our great
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