Diversity In America Essay

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Within the next 50 years the human population will continue to grow around 50 percent with an estimated 394 million people by 2050. Retirement will affect millions of people dramatically and the number of disabilities cases will rise. In fact the more education people have to more job seekers will look for suitable employment (Toossi, 2002).Education will be the key to successful employment. In today’s world you are finds more career working adults going back to school to advance their education for better jobs. In addition women are working more than men I believe by 2040 women will be working in more men driven careers. The next view is Diversity, also according to Department of Labor, “The more dominant diversity of the population resulted in an incremented diversity in the labor force. America will be many faces and many races with no one majority group in the workforce. The question is not whether there will be change but how we manage that change so that all may benefit. It is not so much a choice as a challenge. We live in a uniquely multiracial, multiethnic society—and it is becoming more so every day. We find our roots in every corner of the globe—and every existing and potential market throughout the world. Capitalizing on America’s diversity will give employers a…show more content…
Technology is not simply an input into the engenderment function. It transmutes the engenderment function by affecting work organization and the expanding the types of possible outputs. In the long run, a firm’s type of product, its work organization, and its level of investment in technology are complementary. Albeit firms cull a myriad of organizational replications to technology, it is heuristically utilizable to cerebrate of two types of strategies, customization and more traditional work practices
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