Diversity In American Culture Essay

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In the past sixty-five years of any meaningful national fortune, the Americans(us) have went through a huge transformation in dealing with power. Religion took a big tole on us & others only justifying "in the sight of God." This structure is predominantly influenced not by wealth but education and opportunities. These elites or government class by sitting astride some social order. Unlike in the half-century they had control of education, media, and politics. Dominating and overwhelming influenced the culture ,national charter negatively. This American aristocracy is now made up of those who have "no recall or firsthand experience, years of adversity prior to 1940." Even with in small numbers of there defiance,the individuals were very successful by attracting others by appealing to their vanity and avarice.…show more content…
While few are trying to go ahead of themselves which may confuse them, the rest are staying in that fold, formally considering a "childs place." In a way somethings are better to learn then to speak out of not knowing. In some of the downfalls of religion, money, products and human problems show extraordinary diversity of religious culture and doctrine. Most of the problems are due to elderly health issues. Products are partially considered such as toys ,games and accessories. Money takes a big total on religion ,since some are being bribed to go to church not of his or her choosing. It is something that can be picked up eagerly by those who follow diversity and obey what is true, which is there religion. In Society of today 's religion words get thrown back and forth from two groups of people. Those who believe in their God and those who believe in "their own God", reminiscing it to young minds who yet don 't have a clue about themselves in
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