Diversity In Cedar Boundaries

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An important part of cultural life in Cedar Rapids is the Museum of Art, with 5,000 works of art under its roof. The museum houses the world 's largest collection of works by Grant Wood, Marvin Cone, and Mauricio Lasansky. They also have strong collections of early twentieth century paintings, Malvina Hoffman sculptures, and Regionalist art from the 1930s and 1940s. In 2003 Cedar Rapids also became home to the African American Historical Museum and Cultural Center of Iowa. While the City of Cedar Rapids was incorporated in 1849, it operated under the Commission Form of Government from April 6, 1908 through Dec 31, 2005. Under this form, elected officials held both legislative and executive powers by serving as commissioners operating city departments and as members of the city council. During a special citywide election on June 14, 2005, the citizens of Cedar Rapids voted to adopt a Home Rule Charter, which changed the form of government to the Council-Manager Form. This form of government took effect on January 1, 2006.…show more content…
We base norms on what the country follows in regards to laws and history. However, the state of Iowa displays diversity in factors of job norms and social equality norms. For instance, Cedar Rapids tends to be accepting in examples such as gay rights and women’s rights. While in the south, the same views may not apply. Interaction in Cedar Rapids varies formal to informal based on the role of the people participating in interaction. A normality in the City of Cedar Rapids is that parents, both men and women provide for their children as they attend school. After schooling, comes work and eventually a family of their own. This is a norm that is displayed throughout many

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