Asian Discrimination In College Admissions

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When Chinese Honor Society applications were open, I heard countless people saying “Oh I won’t get in because I’m Asian”. When looking at colleges, people say “Yeah, but I’m Asian”. Why is this? The answer is simple. Colleges need to vary the diversity in their acceptances, which subsequently results in affirmative action for Hispanics and African Americans, denying Asian Americans of any privilege due to the untrue stereotype of them being the ‘model minority’. Although colleges attempt to justify how they segregate and treat applicants differently due to their race, they cannot deny that this ultimately creates an environment in which certain students are held to unfair standards on account of factors that they cannot control. Despite this,…show more content…
given to ‘feeder schools.’... predominantly white and wealthy...They bring in black and Latino students to ensure that these minorities are represented...Asian Americans are a ‘model minority’” (Cahn). Colleges use the excuse that instead of giving Asian…show more content…
In the article, Is it really harder for Asian-American students to get into good colleges?, Wile states that “...some Asian-American applicants have been advised to leave the ethnicity box on their application unchecked, or to apply to humanities programs that have lower concentrations of Asian-American students...” (Wile). It is becoming increasing common to hide one’s ethnicity on a college application and it’s even advised by high school counselors. This is due to the large disadvantage that burdens applicants once they identify as Asian Americans. Additionally, in the article Some Asians’ college strategy: Don’t check ‘Asian, Jodi Balfe, a college student that still checked the Asian box, said that “‘I felt very uncomfortable with the idea of trying to hide half of my ethnic background...It's been a major influence on how I developed as a person. It felt like selling out’” (Washington). Balfe couldn’t leave the box unchecked due to her value for her ethnicity, feeling that a part of herself would be hidden from the application and with that, denying herself as a whole from being accepted into the
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