Diversity In Public Relations Literature Review

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In the public relations literature, diversity is a vague term that is being used to refer to a set of complex issues, including cultural, racial, gender, and other shapes of discrimination, and to the communal and lawful accountability of the public relations world to manage workers proactively (Hon & Brunner, 2000). Public relations scholarship has some degree of knowledge of diversity, focusing only on racial and cultural marginals in the United States (Sha and Ford, 2007). Diversity is described as “categories of people based on differences that cannot be altered, such as age, race, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, and physical aptitudes; and dissimilarities that can be altered, such as class, language, income, marital status, religion,…show more content…
Running diversity is economically beneficial to the organization because of client and job satisfaction, creativity, innovation, and increased employee productivity from this perspective. The most important underlying principle for the diversity management approach is to achieve competitive advantage through requisite variety—the standard that the diversity within a system must reflect the surrounding variety in which it operates (Weick, 1979). One the other hand, one of the causes organizations adopt diversity management programs is to achieve moral advantages (Hon and Brunner, 2000). For that reason, organizations, driven by ethical concerns, embrace diversity as a part of their CSR…show more content…
As a matter of fact, “diversity management” is regarded as one of the functions of public relations in organizations (Sha & Ford, 2007, p. 384). “Multiple diversities must be run and appreciated within organizations as part of a strategic human resources effort to attract the most excellent talent from diverse backgrounds” (Sha and Ford, 2007, p. 393).
Diversity over and over again has been addressed in relation to organizations’ relationships with internal and external publics. For example, the function of public relations practitioners in advancing diversity issues in organizations was discussed (Fry, 1992). The public relations practitioner should endorse foster understanding among worker groups, communicate with a culturally diverse workforce, help to create strategies to develop greater diversity, and advise management. Public relations is likely to be more effective when the way of an organization provides support for gender and cultural diversity, (Dozier, Grunig, and Grunig, 1995). The function of public relations is given emphasis in creating such an organizational culture to manage

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