Diversity In Frankenstein

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In the book Frankenstein, the author Mary Shelly puts a huge emphasis on looks and approval in Frankenstein 's society. In Frankenstein 's and today 's community, people evaluate each other by how they look on the outside. Discrimination is established by the way someone looks or acts, whether by the skin color, what they wear and even the way they take care of themselves. People make many opinions based on these examples. This idea based on appearance determines how people will act towards that person. Every human in their community wants to be accepted by others, despite how they look. Everyone wants to be accepted in their community for their own mental and physical potential. When someone gets rejected by their peers, such as the…show more content…
Another great similarity between today 's and Frankenstein 's community is the judgement on how someone looks. Victor, passed his view on the monster based on how the monster, he created, looked. This hideous creature was stereotyped to be a mean , ignorant monster. "I beheld the wretch- the miserable monster whom I created." This quote said by Frankenstein, gave proof that he believed that the monster he created, was pointless. Also, the monster 's appearance leads many to believe that its behavior is immoral and ruthless. One of the most memorable reactions from the book is the reaction of the old man in the hut. "...perceiving me [the monster] shrieked loudly, and quitting the hut, ran across the fields with a speed of which his debilitated form hardly seemed capable." The man ran because he believed that the monster was about to hurt him, from the monster 's gruesome appearance, the man automatically assumed the monster was evil. Again because of his appearance, in which Victor created him with, many people often created similar reactions to that of this man.For example, the villagers would throw rocks at the monster to make him leave. This reaction made the monster feel even more terrible. First impressions are still a great part of society as well as the instant judgment on someone. Another example in todays society, someone could be driving around town and see an African-American male in a fancy care, the first thing that they could think of is that this man has stole someone 's car.This is an example of a common stereotype. On the inside, everyone has similar beliefs and views as others regardless of
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