Global Education: The Importance Of Diversity In Global Schools

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For a while, imagine you stay in an environment which is constant in all terms whether its seasons, routine, the way you do your dress or edibles you intake; everything is just same as it was the previous day. Wouldn 't it become intolerable to survive in such circumstances, snatching vividness and our zeal & goal to live life? This interminable assumption gives us the thoughtful sketch of an importance of diversity in our lives. Diversity is a wizard which keeps the human race going, which we face in the form of globalization and better understanding towards it is something we want to attain through global education.
Global education denotes the level to which global issues, such as culture, language, and development, are incorporated
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Through engagement with social issues, students build their compassion, self-esteem and get empowered to become better citizens. Consequently, global education supports the development of student 's skills and experiences in their classrooms, in the nation and globally. Such skills enable them to impact positively on the national and global…show more content…
Being a part of AMITY Group of Institutions and afliated to CIE (Cambridge International Examinations), it offers numerous benets to its learners:
CIE offers an accelerated and engaging academic experience to students. The education challenges the students to work with the highest international standards in Science, Mathematics, and English. CIE offers a curriculum that allows students to enquire about local, national and international issues, to give them a deeper understanding.
Additionally, CIE provides international benchmarks that allow educators to evaluate the learners ' progress and determine their areas of strengths and weaknesses. Further, CIE encourages student 's activity and development. The education explores learners ' creativity and initiative, which encourages growth and development.
Amity Global School is 'alma mater ' whose aim is not just to provide education, but to nurture wisdom in the thoughts of our student. With apparent understanding of the sort of education which is required for students to grapple the world in today 's era, our sole determination is to create a future generation who adores the similarities and respect the

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