Diversity In Higher Education Essay

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“Expansion and differentiation are often considered as complementary paths in the development of higher education” [5]. Or, as Peter Scott wrote: “Growth is now conceived of in terms of ‘Difference’.

The essay focuses on how has massification led to a more diverse environment in institutions and assessment of diversity as a broad concept which includes a variety of characteristics and groups [6] such as: gender, age,…………..

We will assess some of these topics by citing detailed examples from some countries and then using findings from the Eurostudent project - which includes the widest international comparative studies in higher education or student affairs [x], to analyse the situation in general.

From the findings of various surveys,
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al. 2011, 68). Women used to have a much lower literacy rate than men because very few girls were enrolled in the schools, and many of them drop out. women participation has been active and has indeed overtaken men in regions like Germany and In nearly all countries the women's share has continuously increased over the last years and climbed to above half or…show more content…
It is not only a waste but often a definite disability” [x]. But, as the education institutions saw a rise and eventually became much more accessible, the educational aspirations and thinkings of people started to change. This was complemented by the government which appointed a national committee for education of women in 1958 and also started to cover costs of education. This made students and especially more girls to pursue their higher education. Concerted efforts led to an increase in the women’s participation from 15.3% in 1961 to 28.5% in 1981 [x]. By 2001, female population in higher education institutions constituted almost 50% of the total students. It was still very low as compared to the world standards but still managed to build a diverse

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