Diversity In Hollywood Essay

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Diversity in Hollywood includes more than race and more than acting. There is little diversity not only in front of the camera but behind the scenes too. Likely hood of seeing a nonwhite cast or set of directors is low since the industry is own by Caucasians. Hollywood cast their movies base on their liking. Which they would cast an all Caucasian cast instead of being diverse. Less than have10% of workers in Hollywood are females even though half of the United States have females. Not giving females the opportunity as the set of males showing sexism. Directors in the last few years in Hollywood cast few to none Hispanics for their films and television shows. That the directors show little to no interest to the ethnic group even though they…show more content…
(Diversity in top films misrepresent U.S population section, para. 3). Informing that Hollywood is not showing afford to be diverse in their movies even though they have the people to do so. Horowitz (2014) study also determined the group to be the most discriminated, even though Hispanics bought 25% of movie tickets than any other group, per the Motion Picture Association of America (Diversity in top films misrepresent U.S population section, para. 3). The Hispanic group is willing to go out and see the movies produce in Hollywood to be entertain. But Hollywood is not willing to hire the Hispanic group even though they are most the fan base. Hollywood industry continue to use racial slurs and show little diversity to Hispanics. Their ethic group is not treated the same as the Caucasians. They don’t get the same opportunity as a Caucasian and if a Hispanic is shown in a movie the chances for them to be made fun of from their back ground is high. The owners of Hollywood do not see that as a problem even though they receive backlash over it. People are still paying money to see the movie which is what the owners want. Hollywood is about money and fame so they will

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