Essay On Diversity In Human Context

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Diversity can mean many things. The definition itself is a form of diversity. However, it means the differences a group of people or even countries. Diversity can be grouped by human context, business context and the list goes on. In this day and age, harmony within diversity has an important role to play. In human context, diversity discusses the sort of races, languages, ethnic groups and gender identity. The diversity in human context has existed for more than a century; it has never been balanced. So, I would like to make use of this golden opportunity to express my thoughts on diversity in human context.

First of all, gender inequality has been a common issue since counting was difficult long times ago. People would normally judge one by their gender. Generally, these people give an unfair treatment to women. Women are being treated unfairly in some country just like in Saudi Arabia, women are lacking of mobility. They are not allowed to drive and must rely on their family to reach some
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It was a system of racial segregation in South Africa enforced through legislation from 1948 to 1994. The majority black inhabitants were curtailed of rights, associations, and movements. It was caused by the race diversity between the white people and black people. After donkey years, the negative effects of the Apartheid system were still obvious. Public facilities are divided according to the different races. Black people are located at the bottom of the ‘social pyramid’. They received limited education, leading to a smaller circle of career options. On the other hand, the white people utilise the best facilities available. The negative impact of Apartheid system has contributed nothing, but a torturous hard time for them. The wound in one’s heart never heal, even with the passing of time. Thus, harmony within diversity must be nurtured and cherished to assure a cordial and harmonious atmosphere
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