Diversity In James Brook's Essay 'People Like Us'

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My opinion or what I think about James Brook’s title in his essay “People Like Us” is a good and understandable title for his essay. He puts People Like Us as his title which makes you think a lot about why he chooses that title. It matches really well with the essay because in his essay he explained that America is diverse as a whole, but as individuals we are not. We are diverse in many ways like culture and ethnicity, but when it comes down to individuals were not. James Brooks argued that when it comes down to neighborhood, community, and country we show little sign of diversity. For example, In St. Paul as a whole we are diverse but when we narrow it down we are not because of the ethnicity division like Hmong in the east side St. Paul,…show more content…
This is my belief of why it’s called People Like Us. Jame’s Brook’s choose People Like Us preferably an option to integration or having everyone together because people believe they are diverse as a whole but not as individuals. People limit themselves from being with people different from himself, which makes James Brook refer that People Like Us will be diverse as a whole but never as individuals unless we connect with people different from us. My definition of the word diversity is having variety of all sorts of culture, ethnicity, music, lifestyle, etc. but not just as a whole but as individuals. Being able to open up to people who are different from you and not judging anyone different. The equality, unity, and freedom to express their mood, lifestyle, food, culture, and ethnicity freely and others adapting to it or be mindful of it. The open community of accepting everyone and not choosing or judging something for it’s difference. Diversity is seen in many ways and means many things. It just depends on what diversity means to you and how you put
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