Diversity In Law Enforcement Essay

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Year in the past starting from the beginning of policing society was mostly white and many years later now society and police have been through few dramatic changes, for example, political changes and the communities have turned into multicultural, diverse society. The responses of society and the police to these circumstances were quite different but in recent years the most dramatic change has been diversity within law enforcement has become a hot topic between officers and society within the communities. Also, within the past 10 to 20 years the demographics of society has changed with that law enforcement and society for the worst. All though, each police department has their own technique of implementing diversity in their policy. Since…show more content…
However, in realization, there is no training program that can automatically change one’s attitudes and views, but the appropriate education and training, coupled with effective monitoring and enforcement strategies, can help encourage positive behavior from law enforcement officers, another problem is how minorities groups are discriminated- officers target minorities for traffic stops for an arrest of minorities, lack of understanding of diverse culture with the lack of established policies that support diverse policing and disrespect human rights (King, 2014) and diversity is critical to the recruiting mission, and an agency must be aggressive in their hiring practices, as every agency is looking to have a police force reflective of their respective communities. Have feelers out in the community and use community members on hiring interview boards. This increases buy-in and demonstrates an agency’s commitment to the community. Recruit and select officers who identify and bond with the agency culture (organizational fit), who are compatible with and capable of achieving organizational goals, and who understand community demographics. If officers bond with the agency and the community, they are more likely to be effective and maintain
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