Diversity In Life And Life Of Maya Angelou's Life

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In regards to Maya Angelou’s life she said, “If we lose love and self respect for each other, this is how we finally die”("Maya Angelou Quotes" 2018). This was seen throughout her body of work. Maya was known for her eye catching work and the effort she put forth into it. She became known by writers and professionals, and was seen to be involved in the civil rights movement ( “Maya Angelou is born.” 2018). Maya Angelou has celebrated her diversity in life and work through poetry using clear repetition and symbolism. The United States first female African American Poet Laureate was Maya Angelou("Poetry Foundation" 2018). She was born on April 4,1928 in St. Louis Missouri. However, in her early life Maya had extreme family problems ("Maya Angelou" 2018). Her parents got a divorce while she was very young, she was back and forth from home to home ("Maya Angelou" 2018). As a seven year old, she experienced sexual assault from her mother’s new boyfriend (“Biography" 2018). As word got out, her uncle heard of the news and was infuriated and killed the boyfriend (“Biography" 2018). As all of this occurred, Maya was traumatized. She thought it was her fault that he died (“Biography" 2018). She didn’t want to speak because of the tragedies that had occured. For a few years, Maya stayed silent and separated herself (“Biography" 2018). At sixteen, she got pregnant and became a waitress so she could provide for her newborn son ("Maya Angelou" 2018). As she grew up and started
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