Diversity In Movies

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Diversity is something I stand for. I am half Caucasian, half African-American. My parents adopted me at birth and although they had two Caucasian sons already, they accepted me as one of their own and two years later adopted another biracial baby girl. Diversity has been my whole life, not conforming to one race or the other, but accepting both and all others. Film, through my eyes, knows no color
One of the most interesting places for me to see diversity in action is at the movie theater. Going to the movies has become a form of escapism in the society in which we live in today and as defined in Merriam-Webster, it means to seek a distraction from reality by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy. Although humans are all unique individuals in life with different passions and ambitions, numerous times a day hundreds of thousands of people across the world can share
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In my career I see myself uniting people through film, being the bridge to a world they do not live in. Having a passion for film, I was only able to study techniques when I went abroad for a semester in Rome because my home university did not have a film production degree. There I was able to take a film industry class with Professor Victor Rambaldi, the son of Carlo Rambaldi, the Special Effect Director on ET: The Extra-Terrestrial. If it were not for him I probably would have not considered graduate film school. His professional guidance allowed me to explore this career path and become confident in my skill set. Attending Chapman University will allow me to hone in the skills I have taught myself along with the knowledge I earned in Rome, but also allow me to learn from experienced professionals to fully craft my love for the silver
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