Diversity In North America Essay

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In the mid-eighteenth century, North America was home to a diversity of people and different kinds of social organization. North America became home to this because of all the land that was won due to war or surrendering. The land came with people obviously, so the more land that North America gained, the more people came in. As a result, its population continued to grow which lead to a diversity of people and social organizations. Indeed, the increase in population had to do with the diversity in North America, however, religion, political, and the economy did too. When New York’s population increased, there were more beliefs and ideas going around. For example, its religion became more diverse due to the freedom of religion offered. People were able to choose what religion they wanted to practice, so this made them feel free. The religions such as Lutherans, Quakers, Jews, Catholics, Anglicans, Baptists, and Presbyterians became the religion variety in North America. “By 1698, the colony only numbered 18,000 inhabitants, and New York City, the former New Amsterdam, was an overgrown village of a few thousand” (Davidson, pg.…show more content…
Agriculture and trade were what helped the country grow economically. An example is Philadelphia. Philadelphia was the center of trade of the country. The Mediterranean Sea was the main water pathway were all trade such as tobacco and sugar would go by, so the Mediterranean Sea played a big role in the economy’s growth. Skilled workers such as artisans also boosted up the economy growth. The economy brought in the diversity of talented and skilled people in North America. There was a variety of artisans, just to name a few, which included people who were furniture and jewelry makers, construction workers, and people that knew how to sow. Everything made would be used for trade or to sell. The point is that, everyone played a role in the growth of the economy in North
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