Diversity In Nursing Profession

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Diversity in the Nursing Profession
Nursing is a diverse profession in the sense that there is a wide variety of specialties you can work in that fits your personality. There are different specialties that we can choose from and the resources and support available for us are endless. The specialty fields I chose for this paper include pediatrics, labor and delivery, and intensive care unit. In this paper, I will be discussing the specialties that I am interested in, and the affiliations that I will benefit from when pursuing a career in these specialty fields of nursing.
My passion for pediatrics grew as I began to volunteer at Children 's Hospital Los Angeles. I was the oldest of six girls and so, I was always the one who took
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Since pediatrics is a specialty that I would love to learn more about, Pediatric Nursing is a great place to gather information about the field that can be beneficial towards my career path. The journal provides nurses with "information that is both theoretically and clinically relevant to educate the novice, enrich the generalist, and advance the pediatric specialist towards providing professional care of the highest quality" (Jannetti, 2016). Pediatric Nursing provides readers with the most current information in the pediatric nursing field, from case studies to evidenced-based practice research to news on trends happening in the pediatric world of nursing. This will be beneficial to me because change is inevitable and with the current resources available, I will be prepared for the changes as well as grow with the…show more content…
This is a great organization to join because it has a lot to offer, from clinical resources to employment opportunities. This organization began in the 1980s from a group of pediatric nursing leaders that came together and "discussed the need to improve the care of infants and children in pain" (Society of Pediatric Nurses, n.d., para. 3). The mission of SPN drew my attention because it works to improve and advance the specialty of pediatric nursing through research, practice, and education. SPN supports nurses in the pediatric field by providing them with education resources and news in pediatric trends. SPN is a place for nurses to network with other nurses from around the country. This organization is nationwide and offers abundance of resources that we can use to advance our careers in pediatric nursing, even after

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