Califorestation In The Amazon Rainforest

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The amazon rainforest is home to various different kinds of species ecosystems that work equally separate and together to perform their roles that are vital to humans and wildlife that have adapted to its uses and benefits.
The interlinking web of ecosystems and creates a unique biological richness that cannot be compared across the globe which is an accurate representation of how truly magnificent and important the Amazon is.
Because the climate is not the same across the world, biodiversity is not spread equally because of its dependence on certain geological factors in order to sustain itself.
There is one characteristic that all the forests within the Amazon share; abundant rainfall.
Throughout the course of one year the amazon can receive
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This means that as we destroy these plants, we destroy the potential to cure life-threatening illnesses and diseases.
Deforestation comes in many forms. It is cleared by chainsaws, bulldozers and unsustainable logging for its timber value as well as fires and degradation due to climate change. This is followed by farming and ranching operations. Increasing proportions of deforestation is because of industrial activities and large scale agriculture.
By the beginning of the 2000’s more than three quarters of forest clearing was for cattle farming
Illegal logging is a main cause of deforestation in the vicious cycle of rainforest destruction. This is when farmers remove valuable timber from areas that they have illegally occupied. This results in land grabbers building roads that lead into untouched parts of the Amazon which opens more doors into the wonders and exposes the forest to exploitation and destruction without even a second thought or an understanding of the damage being done and the consequences of these
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95% of deforestation in the Amazon occurs on land less than 5 kilometres from a road. This means that stopping road construction enables the prevention of deforestation.
Protecting the Amazon requires strategic, in depth, multifaceted plans because the factors that contribute to the deforestation are abundant and complex.
The only way the problem can truly be solved is through various strategies put forward by all fronts. These fronts include organisations, institutions and individuals who are aware of the situation and are willing to do what they can to make a change. If these people along with governments and the United Nations work together to educate the world on the importance of the Amazon and the severity of the destruction, we can work together as a unit to stop the damage before it’s too far gone. If people are aware that even their little bit helps and every person contributes in some small way, we are one step closer to saving our precious rainforest from potential life-threatening destruction. Although we’ve lost so much already, it’s never too late to start. If we start now we can guarantee the availability and sustainability of resources for generations to

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