Diversity In The Bronx Community

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The Bronx is a community that is diverse. It is filled with people from different backgrounds that with different issues. This biggest misconception of the Bronx is that it is a community that does not help each other when in need. The borough does not have the glamour of Manhattan or the beaches of Staten Island, but what it does have is a community that is willing to help those in need. Part of the Solution has been committed to helping those who are struggling financially for more than 30 years. POTS, is the largest food provider in the Bronx, providing food for people in the community who cannot afford to eat three healthy meals a day. This non-profit organization is also a service stop for many people in the community. People can go…show more content…
The volunteers are impacted by the different people they meet every day in the community. Knowing that they’re helping make a difference in the community is what motivates most of the volunteers in POTS. Many of them see the people as a part of their family. Taina Rodriguez has worked as the coordinator of food programs at POTS for the last six years, and she has formed friendships with many of the people in the community that go to POTS looking for help. “We see these people everyday. They come in for a meal or come every couple of weeks to get their haircut and we build a bond with them.” Taina decided to help the community because she grew up in the Bronx and she wanted to stay to make a difference for the people who are less fortunate than she was. POTS is the largest emergency food provider in the Bronx, feeding people mornings, afternoon, and evening. Taina is responsible for what dishes they make every day and keeps track of the inventory of food. She tries to bring in a different style so the community can enjoy their meals instead of feeling like they’re in a prison eating the same meals day in and day out. One of the people from the community that did not want to be named, said when she goes to POTS she knows that she will be content with the food, and does not have to wake up wondering if she has food for the day. Providing food for the community isn’t the only great thing…show more content…
If you’re homeless, how do you get your mail? POTS provides mail service for more than 1,700 people who don’t have an address. That number consists of people who are homeless and hard working people with low incomes. This program costs $72,000 to run yearly, but is just 3% of the organizations overall budget. I spoke to James Brannigan, the program coordinator at POTS, about the mail service. “ This is a lower budget program, but one that is important because it helps connect these people with friends and family members, and helps them organize their bills in the same place where they go for a hot meal and shower.” If you’re living in the streets, you most likely do not have a cell phone or a computer where you can communicate with people. Hard mail is the only way they could get in contact with people. I asked James about the impact on some of the people who use the mail service, and he said, “ I’ve seen a lot of the people who were homeless get back up on their feet because of this service. It allowed them to apply for jobs and give a mailing address. It gives them a place they can say is their base of

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