Diversity In The Chrysalids

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Diversity or being diverse is defined as the state or quality of being different (Collins). Diversity or being “different” is an accepted as a human right today—the ability to speak confidently of a differing opinion, for example. The state of being “different” can be obtained at an time through the progress of life—at any stage, that is, one can alter and/or learn immensely impacting his/her perceptive on a certain subjects. John Wyndham’s the Chrysalids introduces a community where being “different” is condemned, and follows a strict and limiting on living. Wyndham uses this novel to present the key idea that people deserve and should be his/her own individuals through conflict between David and society, development of characters—David Strorm, Aunt Harriet,…show more content…
Like the transformation of Chrysalises, characters in the novel demonstrates this, while playing a role to emphasize the principle ideas of individualism, discrimination, and diversity. David’s growth as a person is affected by his environment, including the way he was raised. Specifically, David admits that he prayed to be like everyone else—he states, “Please, God, let me be like other people. I don’t want to be different. Won’t you make it so that when I wake up in the morning I’ll be just like everyone...?” (76). This quote shows his belief in God and how he believes what he has been taught “every Sunday of my life” (10, narrated by David). This quote also show how David cannot express himself because he hides what could be considered to be a talent or power, and he has to live with that part of him hidden and fearing about others finding out about it. Therefore, the quote supports the fact that difference is an important in our lives as it suggests that David feels it is his fault that he is different while his telepathy could be considered a

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