Diversity In The Criminal Justice System

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Impact of Diversity on the Criminal Justice System
Dolores Jackson Williams
Colorado Technical University

How could the judge support his decisions? At this time I don’t feel the judge can support his decision concerning Mr. Catalano, for the following reasons. According to ORC§2929.11(A) states that a defendant must be sentenced in accordance with the proposed statue. It is in place to protect the public from potential future crimes, by and offender. Mr. Catalano caused physical harm to an officer of the law, which mandates he receive a mandatory prison term. I believe here the term affluent adult would be in play simply because he has the resources to circumvent the law in his favor. (OHIO CRIMINAL SENTENCING COMMISSION, …show more content…

Jabari and not Mr. Catalano. With the increase of Islamophobia within the community and the country, many not happy with current government policy on immigration, I believe the judge would let the constituents dictate the actions of his court whether they are or are not within the outline of either the constitution or laws.
Marvin L. Anderson Commonwealth of Virginia vs Marvin L Anderson defendant with no criminal record sentenced to 210 years in prison which he served 15 years, for the violent assault and rape of a Caucasian woman, a crime which he vehemently denied doing. From the onset Anderson was the primary suspect of the police investigation, while all along John Otis Lincoln another African American was the alleged offender. This was based upon several factors, it was known that Lincoln had a white girlfriend, he was seen riding bike close to rape site prior to the crime being committed. He was overheard making sexually explicit comments to young girls walking by stating “I would force them to have sex without their consent”, and seen pedaling toward the area of the rape. Mr. Anderson the only African American was known to have had a white woman, and law enforcement was aware they lived …show more content…

Anderson girlfriend provide him with and alibi, however, this had no bearing on the jurors, and that earlier in the day Lincoln had stolen a bike which was witnessed, by the owner and another person, whom Anderson lawyer failed to call as witnesses; therefore, it was determine that through governmental delinquency, poor witness identification and poor legal representation, alternatively leading to unfair sentencing. Mr. Anderson was later exonerated with the help of the innocent program in December 2001(Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project, 2016).
Henry Lee Hunt State of North Carolina v Henry Lee Hunt a Lumbee Indian nation, was convicted in 1984 double homicide and executed September 12, 2003 by lethal injection. He was accused of killing Jackie Ransom for $2,000 and police informant Larry Jones, along with co-conspirator Elwell Barnes. No explanation was given as to why A. R. Barnes admitted to the killings and passing a polygraph, nor was he charged with the crimes. He had given accounts to details that had not been made public all of which was identical to the physical evidence. The Prosecution response was Henry Lee Hunt was the most dangerous man in Robeson County. Witness statement were divulged 10 years after the trial, upon completion of his polygraph, the respected examiner made the following paraphrased statement” During his pro-law enforcement where he had faith in the justice system has now been shaken, due in part to working

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