Diversity In The Workplace Case Study

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• Effective Management of Diversity in the Workplace: only diversity training is not enough for creating firm’s diversity management plan. An objective needs to be implemented and created for developing a culture of diversity which permeates each function and department of the firm.

Leadership in Diverse Workplaces
Within competitive setting of 21st century, a substantial benefit of globalisation is mainly dependent on the abilities and skills of the leader that are better able to implement and manage diversity along with progressively difficult business approaches. Management of effective workforce diversity is a “key” to international business achievement (Kearney & Gebert, 2009). To follow the footsteps of leadership efficiency at present
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As mentioned by Hicks (2002), global leadership efficiency has turned out to be one main issue within the literature of social issues, human resource development and management and world business etc. To efficiently perform the role of global leadership in progressively complex global market it important to workforce management and international business. Leadership is considered to be main element of all firms however its capacity and function are getting difficulty with increased engagement in technology and globalisation development. Technological advances extend the probability of global economy that has changed the approach people communicate and do business (Kochan & Thomas, 2003). Managing diversity is related to acknowledging each employee’s differences and understanding theses diversity as valuable factor, this lead to motivate and improve effective managerial practice by stimulating extensiveness and preventing…show more content…
Efficient leaders spend time to recognise each and every team separately irrespective of their geography, experience or age in order to find out what makes them distinctive and how to use them in best possible ways. It is to note that ignoring the differences that is present within diverse group is a huge mistake. Remember everyone is different, therefore generalising big group of individual is unhelpful and reductive.

Give Feedback
Over more than half of the employees think that their supervisors provide them with sufficient feedback. Employees must be aware of their performance and this is more vital under virtual team. Jayakumar (2008), diversified teams must be visible to each other for helping and generating better outcome when they are unable to depend on cultural shortcuts. Online tools and social media can bring employees together, as video conferencing and meeting is no longer an issue. It is true that technology can be used as a helping tools however without effectively managed it may not work for benefiting the firm.

Tackle conflict and build a common workplace
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