Challenges Of Diversity In The Workplace Essay

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Challenges There are both negative and positive benefits to the workplace that encourages diversity. According to Bill Clinton, “The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change.” The advantages of diversity outweigh the challenges. Workers from various backgrounds can offer a selection of different aptitudes, skills and experiences that benefit the company and their work performance. Employees can learn from each other when diversity is of skills and experiences are among the other workers or team members. Just working with a diverse group of people of different backgrounds and experiences, help to creative various concepts that you might not get outside of the views and suggestions from those of different backgrounds. A person may think that they have a great idea that if they presented to the public might find that idea to be very offensive to individual of another race, gender or ethic background, etc., making it necessary to use a diverse group of people and those with experience to execute it certain thing effectively. This could help avoid a negative outcome that many companies have faced such as putting a monkey on a little…show more content…
When they do so they find it easier to appeal or draw a broader variety of potential employees to their workplace. One of the positive things about it is that people find it easier to view the as a more liberal broad-minded workplace that can work with people from all walks of life. One of the negative things about not having be one race is that although it is not intentional people tend to not want to be the only one of their race etcetera working for a company. Making it hard to get more diverse people or keep them. Once they start the hard work of hiring a more diverse workgroup, they find that helps with retaining employees and more people want to work for them in an environment that is accepting of all backgrounds and promote
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