Diversity In The Workplace Literature Review

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literature view: Knouse and Dansby (1999) indicates that organizations that engage in diversity will experience increasing harmony amongst staff, different network contacts, and staffs taking on varied responsibilities and tasks. Valuing diversity means understanding that differences are not absolute but are variables and that differences enables organization to be more effective because it can capitalize on divergence of perspectives and talents to find the perfect solution for each single situation. According to Michael R, Carrel Norbert F, et all, organizations that use a diverse workforce will be able to sell to a diverse customer base; they cited the example of Avon Corporation with initial low profitability in inner-city markets but…show more content…
Ignoring the effects or the existence of diversity in this global new market will only keep organizations in the back rather than moving forward by increasing productivity and most important profitability of any business and its core of existence. Diversity in the workplace can be a great way to foster innovation and coming up with the best decisions, but on the other hand it's very common to cause and increase conflict. Conflict can easily arise when two or more individuals see and judge a particula matter from their own point view and perspective. In regard to diversity, it usually arises due to ignorance. When employees do not accept and overcome each other differences which includes gender, race, color and etc, it can result prejudice feelings. Conflicts should always be controlled in such a way that diversity can increase creativity and performance. A diverse workplace environment may result in an increase in employees turn over and absenteeism. According to studies, the turnover rate of African Americans in the US work place is 30% higher than white men, also women have a 58% higher absentee rate than men. Minority group members often feel less valued and appreciated by the organization from others which reflect negatively on their performance and job…show more content…
These cases happens mostly in large organizations who try approach diverse workforce in any possible way. This is considered an extra cost on the organization that they could have avoided. start with your policies: to implement diversity in the workplace you must always begin with your policies policies from hiring to training and compensating should all be based on the employee performance no matter what ethnic group they belong to, culture, religion, gender or any other category of personal characteristics there should be strong policies of equality, fair treatment and avoid any kind of discrimination. once the policies are set the company can begin implementing and managing diversity. Recruiting diversity: to implementing a diversity plan the company should recruit individuals who have different backgrounds and who will embrace diversity. There should be no discriminating against qualified applicants who do not meet the company's culture, but will require modifying the hiring process to have more diversity

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