Diversity In Workplace

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Ways of managing diversity in the workplace
The classic concept, ‘Unity In Diversity’ has worked profoundly on forming the nations and societies from the time immemorial. But, the power of diversity is not restricted to building social groups, it is equally impactful in creating powerful teams in the workplace. Cultural diversity in the workplace is always considered beneficial for the organization because it encompasses a bevy of creative ideas, interests, skills and approaches. But, it is a boon to an organization only if the top management realizes its importance and HR department possesses skills to manage the workplace diversity. Diversity should be taken as variety rather than difference because plurality in terms of age, gender, religion,
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A majority of global enterprises claims that is not the multiple geographical presence that makes an organization truly global, it should be backed a global workplace culture too. In fact, the intercultural communication facilitates employees to deal with possible disagreements among the team members. It is rather obvious, that growth is an outcome of innovation, which is critically dependent on the workplace harmony. Here, it is the vision and leadership of the HR managers that decides how much effective is the organization in capitalizing the employee diversity. However, it is a double-edged sword and unmonitored diversity may cause a great loss to the organization in numerous ways. Ignoring the mounting costs of mismanaging cultural diversity in the workplace will have long-term effects on your company’s future. Mismanaging cultural diversity at work causes unhealthy tensions between employees and employers and a loss of team…show more content…
If someone is the part of the family, his/her expectations can never be overlooked, but in a large organization where thousands of people participate in the productive activities, making everyone pleased shouldn’t be the objective rather a leader must try to ensure that no one is against the diversity and sooner or later they apparently disagreed people will also become the part of main league. It requires a high engagement rate with the employees, one-to-one interaction and enough commitment to convey that every employee is invaluable for the organization. Leadership skills such as Crucial Conversation works tremendously well in this direction.
4. Training as incentive not as mere learning
Training is the easiest and most effective way to reach the employees, convey a message, overcome the doubts/suspicion and make them aware about the wholesome benefits of a diversified culture. Training should be interactive and motivating, and equal opportunities should be given to the employees to raise their questions. After the training employees should find themselves more comfortable and more motivated. Means training should be used as an incentive for raising employees’ confidence.
5. Reward the employees with due
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