Rational Approach In Diversity Management

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Diversity Management a Rational Approach towards Productivity:
A Conceptual Framework

The subject matter of this paper focuses on pursuing diversity management by organisation being considered as rational approach in conducting business at a competitive global market.
In an era of globalization diversity management is increasingly becoming an important issue. The paper introduces a framework for expanding the diversity management research towards conceptual and empirical direction. Thus focussing how diversity management is being positively associated with organisation productivity.
Being a part of a worldwide economy with competitors coming from every continent, the world increasing globalisation has led to interaction among people
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An Individual thus displaying higher rating of performance, lower role ambiguity and less conflict as compared to individuals in other unit with less diversity.
• Diversity Management at Group level:
A diverse team present unique challenges for management as linked to both positive and negative outcome. If managed properly heterogeneous groups are more likely to generate choices, better at problem solving moreover possess better ability to extract expanded meanings. A well managed diverse team is likely to display multiple perspectives and interpretations in dealing with complex issues.
• Diversity Management at Organisational Level:
Organisations have a better grip in understanding of legal, political, social, economic, cultural environment.
Better suited to serve diverse external customers in a well managed diversity enhances employees relations and reduces the cost of labor. Employers who successfully manage diversity are better at attracting and retaining skills and talents because many workers are drawn to companies that embrace diversity (woods and sciarni 1995 p
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To successfully manage diverse workforce these tools are been implemented. Following are some of them implemented by many organisations:
Disabled Employees (FEDA):
Ensuring disabled employee’s being provided flexible and comfortable working environment. Training and mentoring programmes to enhance their efficiency and equipped with latest updates.
Employee Resource Group (ERG’s):
It aims at providing support network and contributes to enhance employee’s professional development.
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender Employees (LGBT):
Organisation are addressing to the needs of these employees and educating other employees about such community. Respecting their freedom and individuality is at top priority.
Equal Employment Opportunity:
Providing work environment that ensures equal opportunity among employees in respect to terms and condition of employment, promotion and layoff.
Interfaith Network (FIN):
It aims to promote religious tolerance, peace, dignity of all religions. Encouraging all the religion under one roof to express their faith in a meaningful way.

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