Diversity Of American Culture Essay

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The United States decennial census, it covering very comprehensive, as well as to all aspects of American life have had an impact, from the division of congressional districts to allocate community funds, constitutional revision, and improvement, and so on. Census findings of race, and to see the results from this change in the racial composition consisting of American political, and socio-cultural influence and significance. Census shows that the racial makeup of the United States today: 69.1% white, 12.5% Hispanic, 12.1% African-American, Indian and Alaska Native people 0.7%, Asian and Pacific Islander 3.6%, other 0.3%, 1.6% has two or more races. Ethnic fusion, culture fusion, contributed to the diversity of American culture.
Black was initially brought into the United States efforts to traffickers when mainly used for agricultural production. After the Civil War, blacks poured into the northern and western cities. Blacks are an ethnic group in American society long oppressed as slave labor, blacks in 1865 after the Civil War victory won liberation from the law, in fact, there is a process. But black culture on American culture has a
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Redskins formation of American English and Culture contributed. Their early European immigrants made a great contribution, taught them to grow crops, development of forest, prey, the development of production. Redskins survive with the help of European immigrants; it will be their own indigenous vocabulary to teach them. American English in many place names, and utensils crops, animals, and plants vocabulary and other cultural phenomena, such as totem culture can reflect the enormous impact on American Indians and English culture, greatly enrich the American language and culture, to form the American English and culture into the power of indigenous

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