Diversity Reflection

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I attended the Diversity Workshop on Wednesday, January 17, 2018, at 11:30 am – 1:00 pm, with Tabatha L Jones Jolivet, Ph.D., titled “Reclaiming My Time: Leveraging Scared Agency and Spiritual Wealth in the Face of Imposter Syndrome and Stereotype Threat”. I thought this was an inspiring diversity workshop. My reaction to it was, “okay, I feel like I now have a few more tools in my belt to help me grow my skills in diversity.” Dr. Jolivet was very knowledgeable in her field of higher education. My favorite part was when she, owned her background and opened with that spiritual song. I believe the reason is, I felt a connection in that moment to receive what was going to be said. I believe, that when you encounter challenging times in life, you…show more content…
Jolivet did exactly that, in the workshop. She inspired me to want to become a Diversity Ambassador and reclaim my time, that I let steal my joy and happiness focusing on the stereotypes threats, for example, if you are single and an educated woman with an opinion you are a feminist who hate men. This is the total opposite of who I am however, again I am reclaiming my time and own who I am. Also, imposter syndrome fear of not being good enough. Good enough for whom, who set the standard and by what measure are you measuring yourself. If I measure myself according to God purpose for my life, then I am created in the image of God and he is the only one who can say whether I measure up or not. He is the only one with the plumb-line of the standard he requires. So now I must reclaim my time in this area too. When I struggle with these to enemies, they keep me from becoming what God called me to be. The resource I would say, I learned in this workshop is that I must fight for my life to be all that God created me to be. I must fight the enemy of negative thoughts and negative environments. The metaphor of the butterflies telling you that an environment is healthy was excellent. I would like to be like that butterfly and enjoy a healthy environment and would also like the students, that I am helping in higher education feel the same way. No matter the color of their skin, social economic background, religious belief, disability, ability, gender or sexual
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