Diversity Reflective Report

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The lessons I have experienced for education in diversity and oppression within a multicultural society have taken many different forms, however the similarities of these lessons are evident in the following reflections I have explored. In my reflections on gender bias, sexual orientation, race perspectives, religion and spirituality, and classism, I can see there was a subtle, if not strong, disconnect between the values I learned throughout my life and the current status of diversity as it is in modern societies. A new awareness and appreciation about the value set I once defended has evolved due to the subsequent literature and varied forms of media which I have been exposed to in the past several years. Values which surround oppression and privilege are usually just below the surface of multicultural relationships. Most everyone is aware that they carry prejudices or are afforded privilege due to their specific race, economic status, religion, or gender. These ‘isms’ , such as racism, sexism, classism, etc, can dissolve worthy
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Information presented in the text book ‘Explorations in Diversity, written by Sharon Anderson and Valerie Anderson, analyses the cost of racism and white privilege for people of color on macro and micro levels (Anderson & Middleton, 2011, p. 18). According to an article by Helen Neville, called, “Race, power, and multicultural counseling psychology: Understanding white privilege and color-blind racial attitudes,”which was referenced in the text book, macro level racial privileges may help to diminish negative life experiences for some whites (Neville, 2014). Whites are more likely than members of racial ethnic minority groups to experiences which benefit them on a macro level. A short list can include, graduation from a four year college, higher salaries, remaining employed during downturns in the economy, better health care insurance, more favorable housing options and more sustainable wealth overall (Neville,

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