Diversity Training Case Study

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Developing a diversity training program for an organization that is understood amongst the workforce can be a challenging task. In order to properly asses the teams demands we must take into consideration certain training requirements that will ultimately help deliver the information across the board. Organizations that input the effort, time and finances to develop and implement a diversity training have a higher success rate in many areas such as improved recruiting, higher employee retention rates and overall improved morale. In order to develop and properly execute a diversity training one must first and foremost identify the stakeholders in order to understand and gather information as to the values they wish to instill on their workforce.…show more content…
Understanding legal implications when developing a diversity training course that discusses such sensitive topics such as culture can be quite taxing. When I was approached by my superiors and requested to develop a program that can help our workforce understand diversity I knew I had to find a way to make cultural diversity be understood and embraced as a benefit rather than a daily challenge. With this type of training it is easy to lose the interest of your workforce before you can even explain due to how sensitive the topic is. The significance and the concept behind this other than just providing support to our global employees is the avoidance of time consuming and financially catastrophic legal issues. “The evolution of these legal and regulatory developments reveals a landscape filled with varied and multidimensional approaches to a common imperative.” (Collins, 2012) Federal regulations prohibit discriminations against workers based on color, religious beliefs, physical disabilities or age. Ensuring our workforce understands cultural diversity will help avoid the organization suffering from any lawsuits due to discriminatory behavior. A lack of understanding of cultural diversity could also lead to a lesser understanding of a potential customer/consumer market. The organization can become more…show more content…
It is evident that the cultural diversity within this organization will not only continue to be a challenge but it will become a more important factor as the years go by. The diversification of the available workforce in the United States is becoming even greater meaning we will only have to develop more comprehensive procedures to overcome any cultural barriers and prejudices. Employers have used three different approaches to promoting diversity, argue researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, Harvard University and the University of Minnesota in a study published in the August 2006 issue of "American Sociological Review." Establishing organizational responsibility for diversity, diminishing managerial bias through training and reducing the social isolation of minorities are prominent
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