Diverticulitis Research Paper

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This sporadic disease can be somewhat mysterious, which sparks curiosity for further investigation. Diverticulitis, one of many detrimental diseases, stuck out particularly because of its unusual complications and possible deadly side effects. Out of millions of diseases, what astounding traits make this one so common? The three main ideas that are meant to be covered are: The components that make diverticulitis a problem, the action that may be taken to treat or prevent, and finally what makes this a gateway disease to other health problems. If actions are not taken quickly, the results may end up fatal.
Diverticulitis begins with diverticulum developing along your intestines. Doctors are quite unsure what causes these pouches to form along your gastrointestinal tract. Although, they theorize that it is linked to a low fiber intake in a person’s diet. Food that travels by get sucked up into these pouches
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When the infected contents spread out in your abdomen it infects the lining of it, called peritonitis. This can cause even more spreading of infection and is life threatening. It requires swift attention and may need the infectious gunk sucked out. Another condition that can occur if diverticulitis gets severe enough is fistula. A fistula is an opening on the large intestine and another surface that stick together and form a tunnel. If they are healed while connected, it can cause the spread of bacteria from the large intestine and cause inflammation and infection. The last, but yet of many more complications is dysuria or painful urination. Diverticulitis can cause a part of the bowels that are inflamed to have contact with the bladder causing the pain and having to urinate more often. It can also cause air to be present in urine which is the result of a fistula. This disease can be deadly if not taken
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