Literacy In Education

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Task 1 (a) 1.0 INEQUALITY OF EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES During the reigning era of British in Malaya, The Divide and Rule System has been introduced. This system causes the community which consist of multiple races break apart from each other and they had been manipulated according to the will of the reigning British Government at that time. The main ethnics of that time consist only of three, that is, the Malay, the Chinese and the Indian. These three ethnics are classified based on their occupation and their own different education system. Through this system, the Malay people are located in a rural area in which they work as fisherman and farmer. Whereas the Chinese people are staying in the city in which they control majority of the economic…show more content…
The differences in digital knowledge and skills is the differences in the ability to access to ICT facilities between locations and mastery of ICT skills among students and teachers (PIPP 2006-2010). Typically, digital dknowledge and skills issues involved aspects such as the ability to use the facilities and technology, the availability of digital technologies such as information and communication technology (ICT) as well as the high cost of using these technologies (Van Dijk, 2000). These aspects have implications on the level of ICT literacy among pupils in turn making it difficult for teachers to implement the PdP involving ICT. The use of ICT in schools transform teaching and learning methods (Kaffash et al., 2010). Students especially at the secondary school level are encouraged to use computers, Internet and e-mail for homework, sourcing information on the website for complete projects and assignments. In addition, students can use computers to prepare and make presentations and communicate effectively through cooperative learning with classmates. ICT literacy (also known as the digital knowledge and skills) are very important because without it, students cannot participate fully in society nor acquire the skills and knowledge required for living in the 21st
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