Divided In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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A theme that is emerging from the story is discrimination against people with disabilities. The central problem is about Lennie’s struggle to remember things. For an example, when Lennie and George were at the Weed, Lennie touched a girl’s dress, refusing to let go of her. When Lennie refused to let go of the girl’s dress, the girl accused Lennie of rape. Another example is when Lennie is talking to Curley’s wife Lennie explains to Curley’s wife that when Lennie was playing with his pup, the pup looked like he was going to bite Lennie, so Lennie smacked him. My last example is when George is talking to Slim about Lennie. George tells Slim that although Lennie isn’t mean, he’s really dumb. The examples show that Lennie not only has trouble remembering
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