Divine Command Theory: Do Norms Come From God?

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Do Norms Come from God? By Anthony Chahine 201401470 In this paper, I will examine the idea that norms are created by God. This idea can take the form of two theories: Theological Voluntarism or Divine Command Theory. After inspecting the theories, as they were presented in the textbook (Stephen Darwall 's Philosophical Ethics p.39-47) I will argue that both lack the ability to validate the reasons for their respective beliefs when questioned about the validity of norms that are created by God. Divine command theory stems from two main assumptions: The first is that God exists and that God commands us to do, or refrain from doing, certain things, and the second is that we should do what God commands us to do. My thesis claims that the divine command theory 's inability to show why we should follow these commands renders the theory too detached from reality to be taken as a serious explanation for why we feel like we ought to do particular things in a particular way for particular reasons, or objective purport. The strength of divine command theory comes from its ability to cover some of the holes that ethical naturalism can 't seem to, by restricting norms to the desire of a single perfect entity, divine command theory is able to account for the seeming contradictions in human desires and what seems to be classified as good. However, a claim of such magnitude has repercussions of similar magnitude, repercussions that, as I will now go on to argue, weaken the theory.

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