Divine Command Theory Essay

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1. Divine Command Theory states that a morally right action is one that is willed by God. A Non-consequentialist theory is one that asserts the rightness of an action does not depend on its consequences. In this view, God is a divine lawgiver, his laws define morality. DCT qualifies as a non-consequential theory because the balance of good over bad does not matter because if God states an action morally right or wrong, then it is. The major flaw with DCT is that it’s arbitrary, meaning an argument can be interpreted many different ways. In order to mover past DCT, human have been practicing ethics because it forces us to practice logic, reasoning, and autonomy.
2. The clitoral excision procedure involves completely removing the clitoris. The clitoris is the area of sexual arousal and eastern cultures remove this because they believe women should only use intercourse for making babies instead of pleasure. I agree with the statement describing it to be immoral, unethical, or otherwise disturbing. The theory that that will deem this a morally right action is Cultural Relativism. CR states that an action is morally correct as long as the culture or religion as a whole accepts it. This also does not follow the Utilitarian view point because it does not consider the benefits of the many, with everyone considered. Utilitarianism declares the morally right action is one that produces the most favorable balance of good over evil, with everyone considered. As Americans we find this to be an immoral and heinous act because it lacks a sense of Autonomy; making their own decisions, informed consent; giving a person the voluntary choice to say no, I would like to keep that.
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The Appeal to Ignorance is not having sufficient evidence about an issue, but believing it anyway. A fallacy is described as a faulty but common argument. An example of a structured argument is cheating is immoral.
Premise 1: No one has proven that cheating is
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